CFC Ratings Calculator
Using the current CFC Ratings formulas as of August 1st, 2012.

To use this calculator, enter your current rating as well as the result and ratings of your opponents. The calculator will display your new ratings!

Required Information:

Your current rating

Enter your opponents' ratings separated by spaces; +/-/= for win/loss/draw. Example: +1600 -1850 =1725.

Number of games

Your score

Your performance rating

Your new rating (no bonus)

Your new rating (regular bonus)

Your new rating (lifetime high bonus)

For new rating, no bonus would mean under normal circumstances. If the regular bonus field is higher, that will be your new rating. The lifetime high bonus rating will only be yours if the no bonus rating exceeds your highest ever rating. Regular Bonus does not apply unless you play at least four games.

Also please note that due to rounding issues, results here may not exactly duplicate your CFC rating. They should always be within 1 point, however.